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Do you still offer a printed catalog?
No. Like many other domestic manufacturers Distinctive Designs (DDI) has transitioned completely away from paper catalogs to our fully-transactional online digital catalog.

Here are just a few advantages of our online digital catalog:

Always Up-to-Date
Printed catalogs and price lists can become quickly obsolete. Our online digital catalog allows customers to view our latest product offerings and current prices. The website is an up-to-date showing of ALL current products, organized conveniently by product category for ordering convenience.

Our online digital catalog is available from anywhere. There’s no need to keep up with and carry a bulky paper catalog.

Easy Searching
Our digital catalog allows customers to easily search for specific product information: descriptions, prices, or product images.

Wish List
Registered users can easily add items to their wishlist. Wishlists can be private or shared with friends, colleagues, and clients.

Environmentally Friendly
Our online digital catalog doesn’t use any paper for printing or fuel for shipping.

Quick Purchasing
Items can be quickly and easily purchased from our online digital catalog. Simply add an item to your shopping cart and checkout.

Click on one of the category links or use the search box above to get started using our online catalog,

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